Ticks in Texas

What are we looking for during a tick drag?  Below are the five most common ticks found in Texas.  The results of the A&M Lyme Lab study intend to confirm the CDC maps as well as the pathogens (diseases) carried by ticks found in Texas.

Note that ticks are most active in spring, summer, and fall but can also be active in the winter any time the weather is above about 45 degrees Fahrenheit.


For examples of Lyme rashes, follow this link to the CDC.


The diseases shown as transmitted by ticks on the maps below are based on current information from the CDC.  The CDC tends to lag current research by months or years.  For example, it has been reported in various research studies that bartonellosis may be transmitted by ticks.  As empirical research results are developed from studies such as the Texas A&M project, the CDC will eventually update its information.