See & Avoid

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Poison Sumac – note the reddish stems – 7 to 13 leaves on a branch

Toxicodendron rydbergii UGA1208036.jpg

Poison Ivy – notice the scalloped (not smooth) leaves and remember – “If leaves it has three, let it be.”

Poison Oak looks rougher than Poison Ivy. The leaves also have scalloped edges but they are more rounded.  The leaves are still in groups of three – so let them be!


Signs of Lyme Disease take a few days to develop.  The rash and blisters shown above will develop within a few hours of exposure.  This means you got up close and personal with the leaf oils of poison oak, ivy, or sumac.  Get Tecnu skin cleanser and calamine lotion and prepare for a few uncomfortable days.  Next time, see and avoid.